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It all started in the early 00's, in Africa, with a disposable camera (and understanding the meaning of disposable). I have always been attracted to everything related to creativity and arts, starting with theater, music and photography.

I got a Canon 550D as a graduation present and only used it on random

occasions as I was still a student in Communication.

Summer 2016 is almost over when I get the chance to be on the tarmac,

capturing the return of the French Team from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

And it clicked. I knew that sports photography was where I was supposed

to be. I got my degree the next year and started this incredible journey

that took me to Doha for the 2019 track & field World Championships and to

Tokyo for the 2021 Olympic Games.

This is why you will see a lot of Sports on this website, but not only.

I do portrait photography with Oday'On, a group promoting diversity through 

hairstyling, make up and photography. 

I plan on doing many more things so I suggest you stick around and explore 

this wonderful adventure. 

See you somewhere soon, 


Solene - SMJD

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